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Funny Answering Machine: The Casanova Wannabe has one

Eat the Dog: After being badly bitten by a dog, Rudi buys a Korean cookbook and invites the owner and his dog for “dinner”, while preparing everything. And during the war, Rudi’s grandma and her family ate the cat when nothing else was left. The Eeyore: Rudi, sometimes. But especially his buddy whose dog is named Kafka. Enemy Eats Your Lunch: Some rocker grabs a kebap from Rudi’s hand. It backfires, because Rudi had ordered his kebap with five times the pepper, as a prank aimed at Alfi. Engineered Heroics: Rudi tried to do this, to help his buddy Bully. Unfortunately Bully forgot to tell them that the girl of his dreams was a martial arts expert. Fan Disservice: Rudi and Freddy take drawing lessons because they hope, they’ll have to draw a sexy nude model. Unfortunately the teacher chooses an old guy instead as a model. Fanservice: Rudi isn’t good at picking up sexy women, but at least the fans get something to look at. And one of the hottest is Rudi’s sister Vicky, a model. Foil: Freddy is more optimistic and happy than Rudi. Funny Answering Machine: The Casanova Wannabe has one, where he’s bringing a woman to orgasm. How the hell did he manage to make her agree with that?! Furries Are Easier to Draw: This was the reason why Rudi and other characters are drawn as this. Dog snouts are easier than human noses, apparently. Gentle Giant: Bully. German Dialects: Alfi speaks with a thick Bavarian accent. Occasionally, other dialects also appear, mostly Swabian. Good Angel, Bad Angel: Fighting whether Rudi should take up smoking again or not. (Freddy started it again, we see, because his five or so shoulder devils mashed up his shoulder angel.) Goth: Several in a disco. “Today is great. I’m feeling so wonderfully depressed.” Heterosexual Life Partners: Rudi and Freddy. Goes so far that they don’t get an apartment because the landlady thinks they’re really a gay couple, which she can’t stand. Hollywood Dateless: Rudi. Of course, it’s harder to tell, since it’s not a weekly Replica Bags TV series. Hypocritical Humor: After a brothel has opened in Rudi’s house: Man: “Excuse me, is this the right place? ‘Two young Thai girls will care for the well off gentleman’.”

These first steps are helpful, but they are just a beginning. Changing the story of child poverty means looking upstream to changing the conditions that land so many families in poverty and trap them there. These conditions include growing income inequality and a tattered social safety net that fails to catch the most vulnerable children and families. children 153,300 kids are growing up in poverty and 1.2 million children in Canada, it clear we need stronger policy responses to today challenges. Families are falling through the cracks caused by growing precarious, part time and low wage work and soaring costs for essentials such as housing, food, child care and transportation, inadequate welfare rates, entrenched social inequities, unequal access to education and training, and a growing income and asset gap between the rich and poor. families, most of them female led, have lived in poverty. Other groups with high poverty levels include nearly half of recent immigrant children, more than one third of children being raised by grandparents or other relatives and one quarter of visible minority or racialized children. Children affected by disabilities are another group with higher poverty levels.

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