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All There in the Manual: The game itself is one such manual

It turns out that Avery didn’t throw out all of the treasure, since there is one crown left and thus a way for the Siren to get through. Get through she does, and takes Toby before the Doctor can chuck the thing overboard. Once he does, he’s none too pleased with Avery. Now stuck, Dork “I don’t want to go to Exile” Vader jettisons his honest feelings, and embraces his fate, with bullcrap and excuses. “I’m good. I’m going to take the monastic approach. Amplifier Artifact: Inverted in part 5, when Shazam gets a hold of Pandora’s Box. His magic reacts to the Box’s, spreading its corrupting capabilities to everyone around him. Artifact of Doom: Pandora’s Box, which contained the Seven Deadly Sins of Man and can imprison them again. All There in the Manual: The game itself is one such manual for the show. It contains the (at least, as of present) canonical layout of the titular town, as well as some details about some characters that you learn as you explore. Animated Adaptation: Season 17’s Multi Part Episode Black Friday, A Song of Ass and Fire, and Titties And Dragons (aka the Black Friday Trilogy) lampoon the lead up to replica hermes birkin the game around the subtext of the new console wars (making fun of the fact that the game was delayed for so long that the new consoles are already rolling in) apparently ending where the game begins (as Cartman holds up a stick and says they could play with it).

Gravity Screw: And how! The deeper the protagonists go in the first 3 books, the less gravity there is, and as it turns out there is actually a “zero gravity belt” between the deepest deeps and the center of the earth. The VERY core actually does have gravity again, in a sort of inside out crust of a secondary Earth. Half Breed Discrimination: To the extreme when it comes to the (incredibly rare) instance of a child between a Colonist and a Styx. Manchild: Napoleon. The French have conquered Italy, but he’s more interested in watching a puppet show. The Time Bandits themselves all behave more like spoiled, bratty children rather than the ancient, immortal beings that they are. Kill the Cutie: There’s a horrible scene of a woman being raped and killed (behind a tree, for what that’s worth) while her husband was forced to listen. Wikipedia shows the character of Rosa (played by Dasi Ruz) to have “stood by her man during the duo’s merciless killing spree, which landed her a seat next to her husband on death row. Charges of prostitution flesh out her mile long rap sheet.” Nevertheless, it was one of the scenes which established The Dragon.

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